Why you should become a Portland Connex™  Subscriber?


  • inexpensively stay TOP OF MIND with your Clients during the CLIENT RETENTION PERIOD
  • rather than spending money on one-time, physical ITEMS OF VALUE (e.g., calendars, pens, etc.), give your clients access to countless, useful Portland Connex™  promotions
  • for $50/month, market to your entire SPHERE OF CONTACTS, not just Brian Buffini's A+/As
  • Portland Connex™  requires MINIMAL MAINTENANCE so you can spend your time where it is needed most

Insurance Agents...

  • inexpensively keep your name in front of your Clients during the CLIENT RETENTION PERIOD
  • market to your entire CLIENT LIST for $50/month
  • add value to the relationship with your Clients to make renewals easier

Because it is the most effective and economical Client Retention program available!

Subscriber Program Details

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  • Viewed and printed promotions are BRANDED with your business information.
  • Clients self-register and all registration information is e-mailed to you.
  • Client access to your portal
    • is controlled by a password that you specify in your profile.
    • is tracked, so you can see who is accessing your portal and how often they are accessing it.
  • Your monthly subscription automatically renews through PayPal's secure website.
  • You can customize your portal so it blends in with your web site.
  • If there is a promotion from a preferred Advertiser that you would like to feature (e.g., your favorite florist, photographer, etc.), you can "hide" the other promotions from visitors to your portal.
  • You can stay abreast of promotions as they are added to the program by following Portland Connex™  on Twitter:


To subscribe to Portland Connex™ , simply click the REGISTER button and follow the instructions.

Subscriber Benefits

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  • At $50/month, your Items of Value are less expensive than any other source.
  • Differentiate your website with a Portland Connex™ portal.
  • All promotions accessed through your portal will be branded with your Name, title, business information, contact information and tagline.
  • You can print and distribute branded promotions by mail or in person (e.g., Open Houses).
  • Advertisers are able to change promotions when they want, so they can keep promotions current and relevant.
  • Many of the promotions are not widely advertised, so your portal may be the only place your clients will learn about them.
  • You can customize your portal and edit your account info, so if you change firms, you can take your portal with you.
  • Increase the size of your e-mail database by encouraging your clients to have their friends, family members, and business members visit your website and register to access your portal.
  • When a client registers to use your portal, their name, address, phone number, and e-mail address are captured and e-mailed to you.
  • When a client accesses your portal, the time of access and what they viewed (if they clicked to view the entire promotion) is tracked and recorded in your account profile.
  • Portland Connex™  is easy to set up and requires very little training and maintenance.

If you know any business that you would like to see place promotions in Portland Connex™ , have them sign up as a an Advertiser or give us a call. The more promotions in the system, the more your clients will use it!

The Portland Connex™ Portal

  • To view a branded promotion, click on one of the flashing images to the left. The displayed images could also represent Promotions from your preferred vendors.
  • To manually switch between promotions, use the arrows on either side of the Portal.
  • Client access is controlled by the Client Login window. To view the Client Login window, click on the Display Portland Connex Login Form towards the bottom of the portal.
  • To view the entire catalog, click on REGISTER in the main navigation menu.

Out Of Pocket

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Monthly Subscription

Portal Installation

  • One-time fee of $50/website if portal is installed by Portland Web Marketing

Special Offer

Until October 31st (2010), Portland Web Marketing will set up the Portland Connex™  portal for every new Subscriber for FREE (a $50 value). In exchange for this offer, new Subscribers are required to introduce Portland Web Marketing to...

  • 3 potential Advertisers,
  • 3 potential Subscribers, or
  • a combination of 3 potential Advertisers and Subscribers.

Once you have REGISTERed, please either call (503) 324-2905 or send an e-mail to Portal Set-up to make arrangements to have your portal installed on your website.


To participate in this program, Subscribers agree to the following conditions:

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  • A Subscriber is a "single sales professional" and a Portland Connex™  subscription can only be used by one Subscriber.
    • Subscribers will not share their subscription information with other potential Subscribers.
    • A subscription can be used by a "sales team," but only one sales professional's name and contact information may be "branded" on the promotion.
  • Subscribers will only use promotions from Portland Connex™  for their own marketing purposes.
  • Subscribers are not allowed to modify a Portland Connex™  promotion in any way.
  • Printed promotions that do not match the approved Portland Connex™  format will be considered to be invalid.
  • If your subscription lapses, access to your Portland Connex™ portal will be disabled.
  • Subscription Refunds will not be given after 3 days into a subscription period. A subscription period starts the day the subscription payment is made. (This date can be found on the Subscription History page.)
  • Portal set-up fess are non-refundable.