Exclusive Access to Local Promotions Consumers are Looking to Use!

Portland Connex™  is a web-based "portal" designed by Portland Web Marketing to "connect businesses with their customers." It concentrates a large number of promotions from a wide variety of local businesses on one website.


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Sales Professionals (e.g., Realtors® and insurance agents) love Portland Connex™ , because it allows them to...

  • make their websites STICKY  (keep visitors on it longer),
  • provide their clients with an unlimited number of ITEMS OF VALUE  for a low, fixed monthly fee,
  • stay TOP OF MIND , because every promotion is branded with their professional identity,
  • attract more NEW CLIENTS  to their websites, and
  • keep track of who uses their Portland Connex™  portal.

Local Businesses love Portland Connex™ , because it allows them to promote their products and/or services for little if any cost. If they have a promotion, they simply Register as an Advertiser and enter the promotion (upload the image). It's that easy (the process takes less than 5 minutes) and the cost is ZERO!

Portland Connex™  is a very inexpensive way to promote your business to a large number of customers.
Portland Connex™  will get you in front of hard to reach/find customers.
As the popularity of Portland Connex™  grows, so will the number of people that will see your promotions.
Portland Connex™  gives Customers Access to Advertisers' Promotions and Subscribers' websites at the same time.