Why Participate In Portland Connex™?

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  • More than ever, Consumers are looking for money saving promotions, but promotions are not easy to find.
  • Reuse existing promotions, artwork, etc.!
    • Why spend more money generating new ads if you don't have to?
  • Take advantage of the time and money spent by sales professionals (e.g., Realtors®; insurance; etc.) building CUSTOMER LOYALTY.
  • Unlike the limitations presented by other types of advertising, Portland Connex™  was designed to let you change your promotional offers ON THE FLY.
    • This reduces your cost of advertising and increases its effectiveness.
    • Allows you to test promotions at no additional cost.
  • Collect advertising metrics (# of times a promotion was viewed and printed).
  • ...
  • ...

To participate in Portland Connex™, simply:

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If you have a promotion in electronic form (e.g., .jpg, .pdf, etc.)...

  1. Register for the program by clicking REGISTER in the menu above.
  2. Add your promotion by providing some information about your promotion and upload the image
  3. Add a reciprocal link to this website.
  4. Provide Portland Web Marketing with 3 "warm referrals" to other potential Advertisers

It should take less than 5 minutes to create your account and add your 1st promotion to the system.

If you don't have a promotion, for $100 Portland Web Marketing will design a 600 pixel (wide) by 400 pixel (high) advertising template for you. This template...

  • can be used indefinitely,
  • can be used to generate multiple promotions, and
  • will allow you to modify the Title, Terms & Conditions, and Expiration through your Advertiser account.

Portland Web Marketing can also design multiple promotional templates for you. You can't beat $100/template!

The Portland Connex™ Portal

  • To view how your entire Promotion would be displayed and branded with Subscriber information, click on one of the flashing images. The displayed images could also represent a Subscriber's Preferred Promotions from preferred vendors.
  • To switch between promotions, use the arrows on either side of the Portal.
  • Client access is controlled by the Client Login window. To see the Client Login window, click on the Display Portland Connex Login Form towards the bottom of the portal.
  • To view the entire catalog, sign up for Portal access through one of our Subscribers.

Each promotion must meet the following requirements...

Promotion Submission Requirements

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  • File Type: .jpg (JPEG)
    • If you have an image that is not a .jpg, we can probably convert it for you.
  • Maximum File Size:  350kb
  • Maximum/Ideal Dimension:  600 pixels (wide) x 400 pixels (high)
    • As long as the file size of your promotional image does not exceed 350kb, your image will automatically be sized to a maximum width of 600 pixels and/or a maximum height of 600 pixels when it is uploaded.

The Ideal Aspect Ratio (width x height) for your promotion should be 3:2. Other aspect ratios will work, but a thumbnail of your promotion will be generated using 3:2 and part of your promotion will not be displayed in the thumbnail.

Each promotion should include...

  • Offer Title:  this is what a customer will most likely see first
  • Offer Description:  this won't print with your promotion, but it is more descriptive than the Offer Title
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Expiration Date:  providing an expiration date prompts a customer to make a decision
  • Your Website Address
  • Your Contact Information:  a phone number and/or e-mail address is always helpful

There is "NO COST" to create an account and add promotions to Portland Connex™  if you have an existing promotion!

What's the catch?....There is none. As an Advertiser you are already providing "promotional offers," which is cost enough. Program monetary costs are coverered by Subscribers' monthly subscription fees.

If you need a promotion developed, we can create an "unlimited use" template for $100. If you have an image that you would like to use as a template, we can create the "unlimited use" template for $50. For more details...

As put by one of our Advertisers:

"This was pretty much the classic "no brainer" from my perspective. Portland Web Marketing made the process easy and seamless. Portland Connex™  gets our name in front of a large group of Realtors® who will be motivated to refer their clients to us because of the discount we offer. In my view Portland Connex™  translates to "100% upside" for Lakeside Lumber."

Luke Morley, Marketing Director
Lakeside Lumber (Tualatin, OR)

Following are the Terms & Conditions that all Advertisers must agree to in order to participate in Portland Connex™ .

  1. All Advertisers are required to provide Portland Web Marketing with 3 warm referrals to other potential Portland Connex™  Advertisers. (A warm referral is a business that is aware of the program and is expecting a call from Portland Web Marketing to discuss participation.)
  2. Advertisers agree to honor all offers
  3. Advertisers accept full responsibility for managing their promotions.
  4. Once the expiration date for the promotion has been passed, the promotion will no longer be accessible to Subscribers and their Clients.
  5. Portland Web Marketing reserves the right to "reject" any promotion that does not meet the high standards of Portland Connex™.
  6. Portland Connex™  is a promotions program. Every promotion must contain some type of offer (e.g., $20 off next service, 10% of next project, etc.). Furthermore, the description of the promotion must either match or be similiar to the information on the promotion.
  7. All information on the image of the promotion must match the description information filled out by the advertiser.